LSS for NemID Service Provider package

This is the homepage for the Local SignatureServer for NemID (LSS for NemID) service provider information, software and test tools.

LSS for NemIDLSS for NemID is a solution variant in the NemID infrastructure, that makes it possible for service providers to implement online services and hybrid Apps, that target enterprise users using devices supporting only JavaScript, such as many smartphones and tablets.

The solution requires, that the enterprise users have their NemID employeesignature stored on a local signatureserver that support LSS for NemID.

The LSS for NemID solution is NOT developed by Nets DanID, as the rest of the NemID infrastructure, but delivered and supported by Signaturgruppen on a direct contract with Digitaliseringsstyrelsen.

The LSS for NemID solution however makes use of the existing NemID infrastructure and documentation wherever possible.

First and foremost a service provider is required to enter into a NemID Service Provider agreement with Nets DanID.

Secondly most of the documentation offered in the Nets DanID NemID TU package is also relevant for implementing LSS for NemID. Indeed many service providers will want to support several variants of NemID, besides the LSS for NemID.

LSS for NemID also makes use of the existing test environments offered by Nets DanID for quality assurance of services before going into production.

Whereas Signaturgruppen is the support contact regarding questions on implementing the LSS for NemID functionality, DanID remains the support contact for matters regarding entering into a NemID service provider agreement, connecting to the test environment and going into production with a service.

The materials on this page is intended for both service providers planning and implementing support for LSS for NemID in their online service or hybrid App and LSS suppliers implementing support for LSS for NemID into their LSS product.

Documentation for service providers

General documentation

- Terms and concepts in LSS for NemID

Implementation documentation

- General technical specification

Documentation for LSS suppliers

Implementation documentation

- LSS technical specification
- Implementation guide for LSS

Solution documentation

- Requirements feedback form for LSS

Test documentation

- Testprocedures for LSS

Test tools and source code

- LSS test stub source .Net
- LSS test stub source Java - under refactoring - write to if you need it.

Documentation for end customers

- Understøttelse af LSS til NemID I organisationen

Support contact information

Telefon: 70256425